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These frequently asked questions (FAQs) are intended to provide programs answers to routine questions to aid in decision making.
How Do I apply?
Go to the Home page and click where is says Apply Application or on the top navigation Apply.  Find the link in blue named Wildwood Housing Authority Wait List Application - Link to WHA Application.  Follow the instructions to submit a pre-application. This is the only way to start the application process.  This is a PDF that briefly explains on how to set up portal access after you apply. Click on the link: How to Register for the Applicant Portal
Is a email address needed to apply to submit my pre-application?
You cannot submit a pre-application without an email address. You must obtain a valid email address to make pre-application. There are many free email services such as Yahoo, Gmail , etc.
What information do I need when I fill out the pre-application?
You will need the full legal names, social security numbers and dates of birth for all members in your household. You will also need to list all income received by every member in the household on an annual basis.  All household members’ income needs to be disclosed by entering it onto the pre-application.
How can I make changes to my Applciation after I have submitted it?
If you have already applied, you must put in writing any changes being made or you could contact the WHA Office for the portal code that will allow Applicants to register to have the ability to update their contact information, select communication preferences, and securely exchange documents with the housing authority using the portal. Wildwood Housing Authority Applicant Portal.
Is there a maximum income that would make me ineligible for housing assistance?
Yes, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) establishes the annual income limits to be eligible to apply for public housing. The income levels are updated every year. Refer to our Public Housing tab for the income limit information.
How long will my application remain active?
The Authority will update and purge its waiting list annually to ensure that the pool of applicants reasonably represents the interested families. The Authority shall mail requests to each applicant for limited updated information. Each applicant shall be required to respond within a specific time frame, which shall be no less than two weeks from the date the request was mailed to the applicant by the Authority.
The application of any household that fails to respond to the update request by the specific deadline date will be purged. 
Can I look at a unit before I apply?
The Wildwood Housing Authority does not keep units open for viewing. Our maintenance staff works hard to renovate units as quickly as possible so the next person on our list can be offered. Once you apply and your name comes to the top of the list, you will be made a written offer. If there are any open apartments for viewing, you can call to schedule an appointment to view the apartment.
What is counted as income?
Annual income is the anticipated total income from all sources received by the family head and by each additional member of the family.  This includes all income derived from assets.
How is Rent Calculated?
You are charged a monthly rent that is either based on 30 percent of your adjusted household income or a Fair Market Rent schedule. The rent is calculated according to federal regulations.
What constitutes as an eviction?
You can be evicted from public housing for non-payment of rent and/or violation of the lease terms, such as failing to pay rent, habitually late, destroys property, etc.  Please see Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy ACOP for more information.
If I have a request for a reasonable Accomdation due to disability. What is the Agency's policy on handling the request?
Per the Wildwood Housing Authority’s ACOP, the WHA will only consider reasonable accommodation requests that address accessibility issues or to alleviate life threatening medical issues (§12-III.B).  Reasonable accommodations will be checked on a case-by-case basis and will take into consideration the disability and the need(s) of the individual.
How do I add or remove a family member?
If you need to add a child because of a birth, adoption, or court-awarded custody, you must submit a copy of the birth certificate, Social Security card, and court order (if applicable).

To add adult household members, you must request and obtain approval from WHA before the person moves into your unit. You will need to fill out a background paperwork  along with supporting documentation.

Removing a Member of the Household - Listed under Chapter 9 REEXAMINATIONS : 9-III.B. CHANGES IN FAMILY AND HOUSEHOLD COMPOSITION
The Resident Head of Household may opt to remove a member of the household (whether adult or minor child) from the Lease by submitting a written request to the Property Manager that indicates the member to be removed, the reason for the removal, where the member will be residing and the effective date of the change.
To do so, the Head of Household must provide documents that satisfy criteria from the following list which must total a minimum of 10 points:
Lease of removed person, evidencing his/her new address (10 POINTS)
Utility bill of removed person, evidencing his/her new address (7 POINTS)
Is head of household willing to move to a smaller apartment? (7 POINTS)
Resident in good standing (5 POINTS)
WHA checks subject apartment and finds no evidence that the culpable person is still living in the apartment (5 POINTS)
Documentation notifying the USPS of change of address for the member (5 POINTS)
Mail going to removed person at different address (3 POINTS)
Request that mail not be delivered to the head of household’s address (3 PTS)
Legal Disclaimer Ad in newspaper (3 POINTS)

The followed are allowable supporting documents of new address:
•             Lease Agreement for the current residence.
•             Utility bills: gas, electric, cable or landline phone (no mobile phone bills)
•             Vehicle registration
•             State ID showing your address and expiration date – Must show the changed address on ID.
•             Change of address at the Post Office
•             Any other government or financial institution-issued document
•             A Notarized affidavit from the landlord.

Individuals attending college, enlisted in the U.S. armed services, or are temporarily away from the unit will not be removed from the Lease. If the Head of Household moves or deceases and is the sole occupant, the Lease will be terminated.
If the removal of a member of the household, for any reason, results in an under‐utilized unit size, the household will be required to transfer into an available appropriately sized unit. Failure to comply is a material violation of the Lease and may result in termination of tenancy

Please be aware that you will still be liable for any rent due/income attached to household as long as they are still listed on the lease.  It does not matter under who’s income it is, all adults are held accountable for it being paid.
Can I park my car in the WHA parking lots?
No one may park a vehicle in a WHA parking lot unless WHA grants permission to park and issues you a parking permit for that vehicle. Failure to renew parking permit will result in removal of the vehicle.  Also, Vehicle must always be in operable conditions, if your vehicle is inoperable, it may not be parked on WHA property even if it exhibits a WHA Sticker 
Vehicle Limit:  The Wildwood Housing Authority has limited parking spaces and does not have sufficient spaces for all of its occupants, so each household will be allowed to register only one (1) vehicle at this time.  Vehicles must be owned by and registered to a Tenant on the lease.  If you have more than 1 vehicle you must park the other vehicle on the street in accordance with the City of Wildwood and New Jersey State Regulations.  The Parking lots are for residents only, no guest/visitor are allowed to park a vehicle there, regardless of the circumstances. 

Required Documentation: In order to request a parking permit, you must submit the following documentation.  Valid State issued Driver’s License, Valid State of New Jersey Vehicle Registration (Must be under vehicle owners name) and Valid State of New Jersey Automobile Insurance (Must be under vehicle registered owners name).  If applicable, we must have a current New Jersey State issued Person with a Disability Identification Card and if the Person with a Disability is a household member on the lease, please bring in the Disability plastic tag or placard to have a copy on file.  We will also need current motor vehicle inspection certificate, and the vehicle must be in proper running condition.

Vehicle information Changes: It is the responsibility of the tenant to provide the Authority with documentation of renewed license, registration and insurance.  Must notify the office when they get a new license plate, when vehicle is no longer owned by Tenant, or when Tenant first obtains a vehicle that they would like to park on WHA property.  It is the tenant responsibility to make sure that the WHA office always has up-to-date license, registration, insurance documentation and if applicable New Jersey State issued Person with a Disability Identification Card.
Maintenance -  Work Orders
What is considered a maintenance emergency?
A maintenance emergency:
    Threatens someone’s health or safety immediately, or
    Will cause property damage if not corrected immediately

Some examples of true emergencies include:
   Whole Stove not working
   Refrigerator not working
   Leaking water
   No Electricity
   Sewer backups
   Fallen electrical lines
What are the Maintenance Staff hours
Maintenance Staff will be available for emergency maintenance work orders, (after business hours, holidays and weekends) call 609-551-8836. WHA Office staff will still be available to assist residents via telephone and email during our regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

We also encourage you to use email or call to communicate with us if possible.  WHA Residents can access some services using the Wildwood Housing Authority tenant portal on the website. If you need help accessing the tenant portal please call 609-729-0220. 
How do I submit a work order request?

During Wildwood Housing Authority business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 to 4:30), you can submit work orders by calling the office directly: 609-729-0220.

You can also log into the tenant portal and submit  a work orders online.

For Emergencies only call after business hours, weekends and on Holidays, the On-Call Maintenance at 609-551-8836.

Bids FAQ
What is a Bid Specification?
A specification is a formal statement of the WHA’s needs. It will describe in great detail what goods and/or services are required. It is the explicit requirements furnished with a solicitation upon which a purchase order or contract is to be based. Bid specifications are the standards or qualities which must be met before a contract to purchase will be awarded, be it an RFP (Request for Proposal), RFQ (Request for Qualifications), Bid or Quote.
When are Bids opened?
Bids for public housing must be opened publicly at the scheduled date, time, and place specified in the invitation for bids. Bids and proposals received after the hour and date indicated for the opening will not be considered. RFP proposals are not opened publicly, but a list of all respondents at date and time is generated. However, in the case of Competitive Contract RFP’s, prices will only be read publicly. Price may not be the determining factor for award of a Competitive Contract RFP, award will be based on price and other factors considered. It’s essential to ensure transparency and fairness in the procurement process.

Here are some key points related to bid openings in public housing:

  • Public Opening: All bids must be opened publicly at the designated time and location mentioned in the invitation for bids. This allows interested parties, including the public, to witness the process and review the bids.
  • Record Keeping: It’s crucial to keep good records of the procurement process, including bid openings. Proper documentation ensures transparency and accountability.
Remember that these guidelines help maintain fairness and integrity in the procurement process for public housing projects.  PHA contracting requirements above the small purchase threshold, competitive procurements are conducted by inviting sealed bids or by requesting competitive proposals. Both methods are effective ways of satisfying the PHA’s contractual requirements.
What is included in the Invitation for Bids (IFB) (24 CFR 85.36(d)(2))?
The IFB is the entire package of information necessary for potential bidders to submit a bid.  The IFB includes a description of the supplies or services being purchased, any unique technical information, time and place of bid opening, time and place of site inspections or pre-bid conferences, a form for stating the bid price, and any required forms, as outlined below.  

A. IFB Package. The IFB packages for supplies, services, or construction are quite similar. The major difference is the length and complexity of the specifications or 
scope of work and the variety of attachments. All IFBs must be in writing. The basic 
documents to be included in an IFB package are:  

  1. Cover Page with Table of Contents. States the name, address and phone number of the PHA, a person to contact for information regarding the solicitation, the project name and solicitation number, and a table of contents for the complete solicitation package.
  2. Bid Form. This is the form on which bidders enter their bid or price(s). The form must be clear, accurate, and unambiguous.
  3. Specification and Statement of Work. Description of the work or items required. 
  4. Form HUD-5369, Instructions to Bidders for Contracts, Public and Indian Housing Programs (construction) or form HUD-5369-B, Instructions to Offerors Non-Construction. 
  5. Form HUD-5369-A, Representations, Certifications, and Other Statements of Bidders, Public and Indian Housing Programs (construction) or form HUD-5369-C, Certifications and Representations of Offerors Non-Construction Contract.
  6. Form HUD-5370, General Conditions of the Contract for Construction or form HUD-5370-C, General Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts, along with any appropriate Davis-Bacon or HUD wage decision for construction and maintenance work.